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Tuesday, July 29, 2014 8:23 PM
Update #542

Haven't post in a while so yea I'm back with a few kpop songs I really like recently :)

f(x) - Red Light
Holy. I really love this comeback! My favourite comeback for them so far. The music video is brilliant and although like a lot people, I didn't like this song at first, but after listening to it a few times I'm enjoying it a lot now. All the members look amazing in this mv! Especially Amber with her fringe down finally. She's really good-looking I know, but I'm just not a fan of her fringe being gelled up all the time. I'm in love with her floppy hair in Red Light *u* Ignoring all those who said that they look creepy cuz they only have an eye with makeup but not the other but I love the idea it's like you can see both sides of them. The album's really good too, I love Rainbow and Paper Heart :)

GOT7 - A
HONESTLY I DIDN'T EXPECT TO LIKE THIS. Sort of avoided this before cuz I thought it's the typical mv again. Well it kinda is but I really love this mv and the song like wow. Especially the choreography! It's so cute and fun, not your usual pelvic thrusting, crotch-touching dance in an attempt to act sexy. Everything is so happy and nice, love their smiles!

B1A4 - Solo Day
I'm quite shocked at how there's only a million views? Seriously??? I've never been a huge fan of B1A4 but I really like this comeback, it's their best imo. IT'S SO GOOD THE CONCEPT AND THE FILMING WOAH. If I can hug a music video I'll definitely give this a hug. Love the song and everything it's perfect.

Tiny-G - Ice Baby
Catchy, and I like the lyrics a lot (because at least they make sense unlike some other mv... aimed at a particular mv but I'm not gonna say which) The only awkward thing about this mv is that it's supposed to be quite a sad song but they're smiling way too happily when they dance hahaha

AOA - Short Hair
It's actually my first time listening to AOA. When they debut I was just so sick of all the new groups coming out I didn't really care anymore. I don't really have the time to care anyway haha. But I decided to give their latest song a try and I love the catchy chorus :D

Huh Gak & Eunji - Short Hair
Another short hair song! I don't really understand some part of the story for the mv despite watching it a few times already but it's cute I guess...? :) Lovely song it makes me feel happy idk the lyrics though I'm just assuming it's a happy one heh.

Infinite - Back
Being an inspirit it really pains me to say this but, the concept here is really overused in the kpop industry :\ Well at least I like the song! The soft melodious beginning of the song is very charming *o*

god - Saturday Night
Very interesting (and funny) mv paired with a catchy song. Love the story behind the mv too, there's an explanation somewhere if you don't understand Korean sorry I'm too lazy to type it out haha.

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