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Sunday, August 1, 2010 8:43 AM
Why not

Me: 不要吵我啦,我心情不好。
Dad: 你还小心情就不好,长大后要怎么办?
对啊,我该怎么办呢。我要面包超人!(Okay no link, lol)
Should I give school a miss tomorrow? :( Seriously, it's really dumb to get upset over stupid stuff like this. But it's enough to spoil my mood and motivation to complete the rest of my homework for school tomorrow. I "killed" myself just now, knowing that it will turn out like this, I still went ahead. Now I'm having this sick feeling. (No, I didn't consume any drugs or slash myself, haha) "The ceiling's spinning 'round like I've been drinking, I've got this banging in my head" - Pixie Lott's Here We Go Again.
We'll see tomorrow. Oh goody I'm having a headache now.

/edit/ Just found a cool Tumblr site: http://365thoughts.tumblr.com/ I like :)