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Monday, October 4, 2010 4:34 AM
SHINee says HELLO :)

OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE IT SHINEE'S HELLO MV IS FINALLY OUT OMGOMGOMGOMG I'M THE 304TH VIEWER IN THE WORLD, HUAT ARHS! (okay the number of viewers thingy is definitely spoiled, oh but whatever :P) I totally screamed when I see that the MV's out and I'm grinning like some silly kid to myself now :) GO KEY! ;)
Sorry for the previous post, was kinda frustrated and all that, which causes me to over-react, argh. Hope I don't seem like some crazy woman :\ My ear's better today, thanks for those caring messages in my tagboard, guys! ^^ Even so my head hurt like wtf now omg I think I'm falling sick soon NOOOOO. Gah I'm such an unhealthy person x(
YAYNESS I LOVE MY BLOGGER AND TUMBLR WOOHOO LALALALA. Okay as you can see I'm high-ing now wheeeeeee.

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