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Friday, October 22, 2010 10:12 AM
You left me spechless

Yay it's the OP of The World Only God Knows, Keima Katsuragi rocks :D I had actually wanted to post the MV of B2ST's Soom but since I had only been putting KPOP stuff these days I'll now put some anime stuff instead. This anime rocks :D
If you haven't notice it, I changed my blog layout back to the default one. Only used the new layout for only ONE day and I'm already sick of it. RAAARARAAAAA I'm sick of all the layouts I had made already, argh. Back to the simplest simplicity of all, hehhhs. Also, submitted my previous previous blog layout, [link]. Damn there's a glitch. The page says that 5 people had considered my blogskin as a favourite but when I click the link to see who had faved my blogskin, there's ten of them! I don't like glitch :(
1.11am - says the computer clock now. Okay I better go sleep soon, night nights :)

/12.30pm - OMG I'm going to puke I just see pictures of a man eating a baby after chopping the body parts to pieces and cooking it omgomgomg.
/12.48pm - OMG SHINee's reaching Singapore at 2.33pm I wanna go see themmmmm ;__;

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