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Friday, November 26, 2010 9:49 AM
Day 1 : My SHINee bias /S

Kim Kibum, as many of you already know!:D I like his real name better cuz it sounds sweeter than Key. He has an incredibly awesome voice for singing and rapping and is also a great dancer. Who won't like a multi-talented cute guy?!
He gets on well with almost anyone, I think. I mean, people are always pairing him off with other members isn't it? There's Jongkey, Onkey, Minkey and last but not least, Taekey. It never fail to amaze me, everything he does is too awesome, even he being a diva, his high-pitched laughter (which used to freak me out a bit but then I got used to it) and the fact that he always shows how he feels and not trying to hide it - he frowns when he's irritate or sad, he laughs and smile when he's in a cheery mood:)
Key Kim Kibum's also my ultimate bias for all kpop idols^^ As some of you probably knows, I'm fickle-minded and get sick of things easily but it has been like, two or three months since I liked Kibum. A freaking big achievement! This sounds crazy, but I really, really likes him, Key hwaiting!
Why am I doing this challenge anyway? Yea I've been into kpop recently, and I had been considering quite a bit if I should do this challenge thingy or not, since I do have some anti-kpop friends D: I used to be a bit of a anti-kpop person too (cuz I get influenced easily) but now, hmmmm... :X I don't get why there's people out there hating kpop or whatsoever. Sure, they can dislike kpop, but why to the extend of hate? It's not like kpop's evil or what right? It's definitely not gonna kill you if you just listen to some Korean songs for a bit. Well, I enjoy the songs ;) I'm not a total kpop person, I'm into many other stuffs like anime, jpop (esp. STEREOPONY!!!), Harry Potter, etc too. Can't you haters out there just give it a rest?:)

And here's my favourite gif of Kibum, because it zoomed into his face zomg. *faint* Love his eyes~

/Went out with Qiaofen today to JP. And about contact lenses stuff... well I'm not gonna blog about it cuz it's too complicated I just don't feel like typing everything out. Just sayin'... the ones selling at the market place is too expensive for me and so I had finally decided to get the one at the optician shop tomorrow (after deciding not to get it already today). Bought a pair of black pants too at an awesome price^^ Qiaofen kept feeling sort of uncomfortable with the lenses staying too long in her eyes and drying out O: