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Monday, November 1, 2010 8:24 PM
Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

I really have no idea.

Usually I'll listen to songs that I like until I get really sick of  them... Normally I like listening to SHINee's AYO and JoJo:) Okay, basically, when I'm happy I won't even listen to songs, I'll be too busy dwelling in my happiness to even listen to songs. When I'm sad I'll listen to emo songs luh, I don't think anyone will listen to hyper songs when they're sad don't they? Taylor Swift's You're Not Sorry, One Republic's songs and SHINee's Obsession are good choices^^ When I'm bored I'll just listen to songs that makes me hyper, so when I'm hyped I'll listen to almost any SHINee songs (AYO! LUCIFER!) and Stereopony's songs (はんぶんこ!) When I'm mad I listen to heavy metal / rock to make myself even madder. HOHOHO.
...LOL am I even making any sense!?

OMGOMGOMG Geography paper 1 today stinked. FFFFF. I practically slaved over the topic on rivers and coasts but it didn't even come out! I felt like I had wasted my time focusing on this two topics T-T Really suck. I thought I was prepared, but, argh wth. Elect History paper tomorrow, hope it won't be too hard:\

/New blog song! Taylor Swift's You're Not Sorry. OMG I'm falling in love with this song. I like it when Taylor Swift sings sad song cuz they sound awesome :) Uh-huh I'm listening to "old" songs again, like Colbie Caillat's I Never Told You because I'm getting tired of the new songs, bleh.