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Wednesday, November 10, 2010 3:17 AM
Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

Huh. Other than the fact that I'm actually an alien? Haha okay I know it's not funny :X
Don't really find myself a lot different from everyone else. I mean, all of us have a pair of eyes, one nose, one mouth and a pair of ears - so wow, I guess I have a lot in common with all of you out there! Okay never mind I'm saying dumb stuff. Erm, I don't know, usually I like anime characters who very few likes (most probably it's just cuz that I'm weird). I love egg yolks, like it way better than egg whites, so I don't get it when many of my friends say that they prefer egg white :O I dump tons of salt and pepper onto my burger when I eat Mcdonald's breakfast meal (like sausage mcmuffin) and add salt on my harshbrown - yes, yes and yes, I know I'm weird, but really, I feel that the meal taste better by adding salt and pepper :B Also, I dislike Tomyam, I just don't get it (and I NEVER will) why people loves Tomyam, and even if they don't love Tomyam they'll be neutral with it, but I hate Tomyam, blergh. I don't like spicy-cum-sour food D: Oh I can be pretty lame too, but does that make me different from everyone else? Don't think so :X
Oh ya, I enjoy carrying Qiaofen's blue Flesh Imp backpack for her :D Cuz it's comfy (LOL I'm mad). I get sick of something easily. I'm afraid of furry animals, but I wanna try touching them someday and not freak out :( I don't drink coffee... Hmmm what else!? *racks brain* Okay seriously I don't know anymore, argh.

Higher Chinese paper today! HOHOHOHO. Wrote about a situation where it's awkward when my friend's lie got exposed, named her "Min Xi" - nice not!? No, I don't know anybody with that name, just chose it randomly after flipping the Chinese dictionary for like, erm, forever? -.- There's this weird passage for comprehension and it's about relationships, love and marriage. All my answers are freaking weird because the passage stunk >:( Like I say, now we Secondary Fours who took the Higher Chinese paper definitely understands love and marriage better, since we wrote the same thing over and over again until we foamed and apparently nobody cares (just joking, of course) My right hand's aching like wth after the paper. Heard that the normal Chinese paper was damn easy, bleh, lucky for those Secondary Threes and Fours taking it, hmphhhh.
Went to KFC after exam today with awesome people, ra. I ate quite a lot (yaya crazy me I'm so going to get FATTER T-T). Finished eating and chiong-ed Physics MCQ practices, cuz it's Physics paper 1 tomorrow! LOL keep competing with Qiaofen and Jiesi to see who scored higher for a page of MCQs, and Jiesi felt "pressured" when she's the one who keep winning (ikr, wth -__-!!)

Okay I better stop. This blog entry is freaking long (to me luh) that it's starting to look like YiFang's blog (full of words! *gasp* :P) Don't wanna bore you guys, I know nobody gives a damn to my long blog entry anyway cuz nobody reads long blog entries, it's just kinda mad and I'm only talking about the usual dumbass stuff :|