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Thursday, November 11, 2010 3:50 AM
Day 23- Something you crave for a lot

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I don't know, because I crave many stuff. I crave for good food a lot a lot a lot, I crave for more money a lot a lot a lot, I crave for more wonderful friends a lot a lot a lot, I crave for more followers on Tumblr a lot a lot (which had increased by two while I was sleeping earlier on!), I crave for more sotds, I crave for somebody, I crave for more clothes (!!!), I crave for more inspirations, I crave for perfect eyesight (Can I even crave for that? Doesn't sound right but oh well), I crave for more sleep, I crave for an iPod touch, I crave for an iPad and lastly, I crave for the end of O'level :D Haha what I'm writing doesn't exactly answer the topic isn't it, I just write what I want to ^^

Oh basically, Physics paper 1 sucked today. My Physics isn't good anyway, sigh.
Went to coffee shop after school to eat with Jiesi and Qiaofen, talked about craps like our Kindergarten life, was laughing like a maniac. In case you didn't know, I'm actually a violent and erm, 好胜 (how do you say that in English already?) kid, eek.
ONE MORE DAY, ONE MORE DAY, ONE MORE DAYYYYYY! Tomorrow will be the last day (ever!) of O'level, OMFG FINALLY - I SURVIVED O'LEVEL WOOHOO. Miss Tan's treating us pizza tomorrow too, then we're gonna celebrate Nisa's birthday ^^
I have been wondering, should I use a new blogskin account? I'm sick of 16thday :|
Saw 11:11am 11th November this morning when scanning my ezlink card on the machine thingy when I board bus 198 home :DDD