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Friday, November 12, 2010 7:57 AM
Good things fall apart so better things can fall together

At 9:00am this early morning, lalala, you know what that means? Freedom!~

Went home after that to finish editing my new blogskin, bathed and was late for the meetup at Jurong Point's Pizza Hut where Miss Tan generously treated the entire class 4E1 :D I ate the Prawn Aglio Olio (okay I probably try some other thing the next time, because I'm always eating Aglio Olio -.-) And so, a big crowd of us (mostly NFC people) went to Vivo City, walked around and I was super sleepy cuz I kept on yawning @@ Walked around, slacked around and talked crazy stuff.
I'm currently super thirsty cuz I had been singing the whole day - "Ring Ding Dong Ring Ding Dong Dong Ding~" (yay SHINee), manipulated the bear we gave nisa to dance to Ring Ding Dong LOL omg it's damn cute luh I want it too :( And since I started singing I can't stop and so I continued singing the chorus part of Ring Ding Dong as we walked around :D Reached home at nine plus and my sis was hogging the computer just now so I went to lie on the bed... and I fell asleep, only to wake up now :|
I'll skip the 30days challenge for today, I just wake up to blog a bit, intending to go sleep soon, no time to type anymore and I still have got tags to reply x_x *yawn* - it's a pretty tiring day and I'm kinda upset that I didn't get to code out a new layout according to the idea I got today after reaching home :(

Happy 16th birthday to Nisa! :D
Oh and I moved to THEGATECRASHER on Blogskins.com - should I switch back to 16thday? I mean, I'm tired of the name 16thday but I felt weird in thegatecrasher account ._. I'm being indecisive LOL.