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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 7:58 AM
Day 25- What I would find in your bag

  • My handphone - LG GT505 (WHITE)
  • Earpiece - It's always getting all tangled up :X
  • Wallet - Money! (v.impt!)
  • Home keys - In case everyone is too lazy to open the door for me >:(
  • Umbrella - Kiasu practice, won't want to be caught in the rain~
Okay that's all, I always go out with only these stuff inside my bag hoho ;) (I finally resume doing the 30 days challenge, LOL)
Went out today with Jiesi and Qiaofen to Bugis, Jiesi finally bought her prom dress (at $59.90 or what argh I forgot the price already LOL short-term memory, fail) after walking for hours and searching at Bugis Junction and Illuma, my feet's killing me now! Had lunch at Bugis Junction's Yashinoya (meal's not bad but the soup's too salty for me urgh) and dinner at Jurong Point's Pepper Lunch (five thumbs up!) Qiaofen and I each bought a pair of shoes too:D
It was raining yesterday and since the floor was slippery I fell on my butt (thanks to the pair of slippers that has like, absolutely no friction or whatsoever at all-.-), wanted to cry but instead I just sat there in the pouring rain laughing damn loudly at myself, attracting attentions (it's super embarrassing argh). I fell by the road side and people driving by were like all staring at me, perhaps they're wondering who the hell was that crazy girl (a.k.a. me!) ...My butt hurts -.-
Key is taking his college entrance examination tomorrow! All the best to him, I'm sure he'll ace it like no one ever did! >:D

/My number of blog visitors is especially few today, where is everybody!?:(
Gained fiveseven followers on Tumblr today though!:>