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Friday, November 19, 2010 3:56 AM
Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge

Blah lalala because I'm bored and I have nothing interesting to blog about :D

Went to Jurong Point with mum today to look around for prom dresses, saw one that fits me but since it's being sold at Jurong Point then it'll be quite common? I don't wanna clash with anyone! But mum doesn't think so, argh this is frustrating. Because PROM = STRESS. Don't wanna think about it anymore asdfghjkl/.
Borrowed five books at the library today too (I'm a nerddddd) One of the books I borrowed was written by Hilary Duff! I was totally surprised to see her name on the spine of the book (the book's super new and that's the reason why I'm attracted to it LOLOLOL) - I mean, not that I'm saying she has no talent or whatsoever, but I didn't know she writes! Hees hope the content of the book is as interesting as the cover of it:D
Okay since I had nothing else to blog about, let me just end with a Key gif! Just see how his eyes twinkle and how his amazing smile lights up his face, zomg. I'm feeling silly and definitely going crazy 8D
Oh I just realise that Key has a new haircut! I'm slow:( It's kinda too short and it sort of makes him look kiddy BUT HE'S STILL CUTE AND MY ABSOLUTE EYE-CANDY@_@

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