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Sunday, November 14, 2010 4:16 AM
Step by step, down the road

Gonna skip the challenge today again, I'm just not in the mood to do it. Argh. For many reasons I'm feeling rather pissed right now.
Firstly, I'm currently using my phone to blog, since my sister is using the computer - disadvantage of not having your own desktop/laptop - you've gotta share a comp with your siblings. Zzz.
Secondly, the weather. It's freaking bitchy cold and I think I'm dying soon. Usually I would like a cooling weather, but no, not today when everything seems to be getting on my nerves. Blah. It just feels like everything's gonna get frozen soon. What's up with the weather pms-ing? Too bad I can't do anything about it. I wanna have a nice bathe without freezing myself too:(
Thirdly, my daily activities. This sounds mad but I actually do prefer having school rather than have holidays and have all the time to play. It just ... doesn't feels right! Something deep within me feels wrong and I'm feeling guilty for not studying. Omg something definitely wrong with me because I'm missing all the mad rush during school days and the very short time we're given to finish tons of crazy homework. I missed having something to stress over for. It's like, I'm stressing over for being too stress-free now (sorry it doesn't make any sense, I know). Every morning I will wake up and wonder if it's really true that O'level's over. Every night I'll toss and turn - because it just doesn't feels right! Zzz. Currently I have the strong urge to erm, study. Haha weird right, why do I only get the motivation after O'level is over?
Fourth. There's currently a bitch pissing me off. Nope it's not any of my friends. Sure, I know she exists, she knows I exist but we had never exchanged more than five sentences. For some reasons I just couldn't stand her all of a sudden. Eek maybe it's due to my bad mood and she's just in the way coincidentally. Ah wth is with me.

... And there's plenty of other stupid stuffs that gets on my nerves I think I'm going crazy arghjustwhattheholycrapisgoingon.
I feel 1% better now. Wow.