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Monday, November 15, 2010 7:46 AM
You've gotta put one foot in front of another

Kinda freaky (but cool), it looks like my head was joined to Jiesi's body o_o
I kinda looked like somebody (name not to be disclosed) here :|

Nice photos right! Damn I'm jealous of YiFang's iPhone4!!!! T-T

I had quite a bad day :( (okay lar at least I had some fun with the awesome people luh^^) Lost my ezlink card today (FFFFFFFFF - my mum just won't stop nagging and my dad keep calling me stupid wtfshitz don't they realise that I'm feeling sad too!? *gasp*)
Went out with the girls today, had lunch at ION and I was totally sleepy while shopping (erm, seriously I'm not the shopping kind of girl:\) We're looking for prom dresses and so I finally bought mine after hours of shopping walking around.
Went home rather late and found that my ezlink card was missing from my bag when I was about to scan the card to enter into the MRT station platform, freaked out completely and started rummaging through my bag trying to find my card with small hopes that it might be buried somewhere deep but to no avail. My heart sank when I realised that I really did lost my ezlink card, sigh. Had no choice but to buy the train standard ticket after that to board the train (how else am I going to get home!?), cried on the way home goshi'mfeelingstupid. Felt a bit better after lots of thinking, well at least I didn't lost my wallet right - if I lost my wallet I'll go berserk and run away from home because my mum will definitely kill me if she would to find out that I lost $50++ >< Had to take a bus home from the station after alighting, waited for like a few million years for the dumb bus to arrive and just as I thought my day couldn't get worse, the bus doesn't have aircon, instead it has windows and wind kept on blowing in (my back was facing the wind) and my hair was in a TOTAL mess and all tangled up, argh.
Now I'm home, lala~ Mum won't stop complaining how sucky my new dress looks and that she could have gotten me a nicer one. SIGHHHHHH.
Got 4 new followers on Tumblr today! It kinda cheered me up :)

Oh yay happy 16th birthday to awesome BDF(!), even though it has been a long time since we really talked:\ I'm sorry that my craziness scares you, hohoho.