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Friday, December 31, 2010 8:00 AM
A new start

This is gonna be my first post for year 2011 >:)

/1.1.11 @2.02pm/
Firstly, at 12am, I had a hard time sending out my happy new year messages, argh it's so frustrating that my phone hang eventually. Well, still, thanks to all those for the happy new year messages!:D Hehe and lots of love to Yockyen who called me up to laugh... and finally shout a "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to my ears. I was completely surprised by her call, it's the first time I receive a new year call! Thanks babe♥ I like the fact that she told me that my laughter sounds evil, that makes me feel more evil-ish, hehhhhh XD
So, what was I doing at 12am? Sitting front of my computer at HOME. How awesome is that? B o r i n g. Normally I would have gone down to the Boon Lay Countdown Event but I had decided to stay home this time round just to catch a glimpse of SHINee on the television ._. I was talking to a bunch of wonderful people on MSN chat as the clock struck 12 midnight, signalling the start of a new year, teehee I love you guys!:D
Woke up this morning with tears in my eyes o_o I can't really remember what I dreamt of already, but I supposed it's something sad... Wow, what a way to start my year 2011.
Oh yeaaa and my new year resolution, decided just the previous night before!:X
  1. Make more friends!
  2. Make more people laugh:DD
  3. Have a great year!
Happy 16th birthday to Leshan!:DD