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Friday, December 31, 2010 5:33 AM
It worth so much

Today's the last day of 2010, and hence I'm here to do something, erm, meaningful (?)
I love you people!:D Was digging everywhere for old photos, some really amazed me, while some I had laughed over at earlier on, gosh four years and so many awesome friends, I love you guys! *Warning: A few unglams and messy photo-flood o_o

3S1'09 / 4E1'10:)

1R3'07 / 2I3'08


Fuhua choir @SYF'09

Okay don't laugh - Taken after we watched Wild Child (anybody remember!?) It's during Sec2!!:)

Sec1 class outing to West Coast(:

Sec1 Qiaofen!!

Sec1 Kamin!!

Over at YiFang's house... We looked so innocent, haha dumb sec1 girls! x)

Our lollipops:D (sec2/sec1?)

Sec1 me o_o

We take photos anywhere...


First time to kbox... Oh my ._.

That's Rani!! Class noticeboard deco for Racial Harmony;) Sec2?

Sec2: Jialin and Qiaofen hehe

Me and Amanda in the music room during choir:D

Sec3 noobs!!:DD

Qiaofen's file:P

Sorry Jiesi^^

Playing Guitar Rock on fb during AEM last year >:)

Bullying occurs sometimes too!

Audi with qf, LOL twins :X:X:X

And so Jiesi went mad waving to no one in particular O:

Sec3 overseas camp @Malacca - run! Just the fun of it-.-

Dumb people playing with sunglasses from a random shop o_o

Jiesi and Felicia, over Sweden's house during (I forgot when!?)

UGLYUGLYUGLY - one awesome game we played;)

Hello Pearlie you know I love you even though I'm reaaaaally slow at replying your messages some of the times... Sorry :XIt's nice knowing you from Sec3's choir bonding, you're an awesome junior! I remember mistaking Kewei for you during the bonding game... hehe paiseh~ I'm happy that we've shared troubles and joys, thanks for being in my life!

Does anybody remember Moxie by the way? The wonderful talking robot at the Science Centre!