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Sunday, January 2, 2011 7:57 AM
False intentions

Went with YiFang to watch Kamin's Chinese Orchestra performance today!
YiFang was later than me (HAHAHA) and there was this huge pouring rain! Well at least we were on time for the concert! Since I'm an "outsider" when it comes to Chinese Orchestra performances I guess I can't really appreciate how great the music is... However, I did enjoy the last piece of performance very much, thanks for it being loud and all that, made me kinda excited, hees(: Other than that, the music was really powerful too, hope they have greater performances in the future!^^
Ate dinner with YiFang at West Mall's Mos Burger after that, ordered some weird "Grilled Chicken Burger with Orange-pepper Sauce" (I actually had to go to the official Mos Burger website to double-check the name-.-) Well the burger would have been nicer if not for the orange-pepper sauce thingy, oh but it's also the special thing about the burger, haha I'm such a noob:X THANKS A LOT TO YIFANG FOR THE LONG-SLEEVED TEE, THE LOVELY CARD AND THE CUTE BISCUIT! And thanks for listening to my blabbering too, I'm sorry for crying:(

CHALET ON 5TH TILL 7TH! You know you'll miss me;)