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Sunday, December 26, 2010 7:12 PM
Because I still believe in fairytales

Changed my blogsong! It's Kutless's What Faith Can Do, one of the few nice songs I heard while working at Precious Thots. I can't believe that I actually like a song from the shop enough to put on my blog, hehhhh. I heard this song before and used to find it just okay, but with so many days of listening to this song over and over, I'm liking it more now, hoho~

ZOMG. I heard SHINee World's most probably coming to Singapore in 2011 around May or June. It'll be awesome if they come! I wanna see them omg I'm gonna faint from excitement.

So... here's my update for how my Christmas went!:D
Woke up early in the morning to meet Qiaofen (+ her brother) for Chritsmas breakfast (heehee) at IMM. I was late and running from the bus stop all the way to IMM like some mad woman. As I was dashing I actually passed by this guy who looks almost exactly like Eli (U-Kiss) ZOMG and I couldn't help but kept staring at him so he gave this why-the-f*ck-are-you-staring-at-me look, hees so paiseh. Oh but he really looks like Eli! Hmmmm.
Okay anyway, reached IMM's Mos Burger and had a nice breakfast (by the time I already have black patches in my sight due to an extreme "exercise") with me blabbering on and on - I can't even remember what I talked about LOL. Didn't know Jasmine was working there and I was totally stunned when I finally realized that it was actually somebody I know who's ordering my food, ha! It was a really quick breakfast, since Qiaofen had to rushed off to work after that @Ajisen (which is just next to Mos Burger, haha) Since I was free after that I lingered around the mall, window-shopping by myself:| Passed by Ajisen after a while, saw QF ordering food for customers and having this bandana on her head, haha so cute I want to have bandana too:P Okay just kidding I don't want a bandana.
Went home after that, used computer to waste some time off and met Yifan at about 4pm to go Orchard:D I wore a dress, surprise surprise, because I don't usually wear dresses. Reached ION Orchard and saw this HUGE crowd which was totally maaaaaad. Okay, photo-flood now! (erm, not exactly photo-flood cuz I'm posting a few out of so many others...)
Ate pizza, it's awesome, woohoo I love pizza!

The store's cool isn't it!

Ate some noodles too (I think it's jap food...?)

I look stupid don't I... Next time I'm gonna push my specs up arghhh.

I don't really like the noodles, it's oily + saltysweet. I love salty food, but I don't like it when they mix sweet with salty:| No photos of the pizza we ate though, cuz we finished it before we can take photos of it!

Yifan bought some drinks~

Waiting for order!

Went to ION's Precious Thots too, ever since I started working at West Mall's Precious Thots I had always been curious about other outlets so I visit them just for fun, hehhhh.

LOL meeeee.

Personally, I think that Yifan's giving a seductive look in this photo lor ZOMGLOL haha XD

Me again, ahahahahahahaha.

I love the quote outside the store! Awesome isn't it;)


Saw some really nice bags, shoes and wallets!!! But too bad I can't afford them - at least until I get my pay!! Wheee I'm so going shopping after getting pay^^ Went home after that, lala~
To some people: You guys owe me a Christmas present!;)

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