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Monday, December 27, 2010 10:05 AM
This is gonna be weird

Okay this is definitely one of my favourite EatYourKimchi's video, because it's just damn funny and SHINee's Lucifer got the kpop dance of the year! Ha nice one I wish I can figure out how to dance Lucifer too._.
1. Put your music on shuffle (iTunes, iPod, Mp3)
2. When you get your song title, add “in my pants” after the song. YOU MUST WRITE IT NO MATTER HOW FUNNY IT SOUNDS.
3. Do this 20 times.
4. Tag, no matter what
4 minute - Huh in my pants
BEAST - Mystery in my pants
SuG - R.P.G Rockin' Playing Game in my pants
2NE1 - It Hurts in my pants
Ichiko - You're the one in my pants
KARA - Mister in my pants
U-Kiss - Am I that easy (Man Man Ha Ni) in my pants
2AM - You Wouldn't Answer My Call in my pants
Bruno Mars - Grenade in my pants
Ichiko - First Kiss in my pants
Aki Toyosaki - I Touched An Angel! (Tenshi ni Fureta yo!) in my pants
Funkist - Fairy Tail in my pants
Cherryblossom - Sakura Rock in my pants
SHINee - Fly High in my pants
SHINee - Juliette in my pants
SuG - Gr8 Story in my pants
Yui Horie - Silky Heart in my pants
Karuta - My Most Precious Treasure (Ichiban no Takaramono) in my pants
SHINee - Stand By Me in my pants
Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me in my pants

LOL this is weird isn't it... From Cassey's blog, hehe. I'm gonna tag everyone I know! Haha I'm too lazy to list out names. Just take this if you want^^

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