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Sunday, December 26, 2010 7:53 AM
Today will be the last Sunday of 2010

Have you ever wonder if you've already met the person that you're going to end up marrying? Some random thought.

Anyway! It's my last day of work today! Despite my extreme persuasion, none of my friends come to visit me during work at all, hmph. Thanks a lot ah everyone - it's either that you're too lazy or living too far or have completely forgotten about it or busy. And me? I was bored to death. At least one of you (just any of you, I don't care) could have drop by and say hi... ;__;
Today started out wrong >:( I was scheduled to start work at 12pm but I only woke up at 11.30am, so without any doubt, I was late, argh. Then, as I was waiting for the bus to come, I thought that I had forgotten to bring my ezlink card so I used coins instead to take the bus - however, I found the ezlink card in my hands only after I sat down on the bus, oh wth. I have no idea why I was behaving so weirdly this morning, felt like a living statue and I was staring straight and blanking out the whole time. Oh dear I'm going mad again. At first there was some customers asking me stuff and since I had turned into a living statue I actually had to force myself to smile (first time in my life I find it so hard to smile zomg wth's wrong with me) and answer their questions.
Well at least it got better after a while a few hours. -__- Hehe probably because of the cute guys that enter the store... There were damn too many today zomg *__* Things got kinda busy after that when I was asked to pack some stuff down at he atrium asdfghjkl oh man I was completely worn out for the day. Today involves a bdf who was drunk and not replying me for a day, and a Charmaine not replying just because...!! There was nobody to entertain me when I was bored, sad isn't it D:
So, lemme summarize my work. It was just too boring some of the times and because of that I had finished reading countless books in the shop (!) I even finished reading The Beginner's Bible: The New Testament, LOL much. Well even though it can be boring, it can be quite nice too. I mean, by standing for so many freaking hours I'm sure I have at least lose like, erm a few grams? ._. Some of the people working there are quite nice too, just that I was too shy to even try to get to know them :O

My nuffnang's pay, S$52.54 pending, currently earning S$6.29 again, woots thanks to those who have been helping me click on the ads. I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU GUYS, WHOEVER YOU ARE ♥♥♥

ANDANDAND! SHINee had their first concert @Japan today! How many of you wish that you're there too? I'm jealous of those who're there (cry) Watched some fancam, hehhhh not bad wor, Key's solo for 3OH!3's My First Kiss, total divaaaa:D Onew looked like a prince (seriously) for his solo. Of course, and Jonghyun - his awesome vocals! Minho with his abs and sweet smile *melt* Taemin and his sexy voice~ Sigh. AND ZOMG SHINEE'S DEBUTING IN JAPAN NEXT YEAR!? OMGOMGOMG *excited to the extreme* (sorry for keep copying the way Ryohei speaks, hehe) THEY'RE GONNA SING JAP OMGOMG I'LL LOVE THE SONGS I CAN ALREADY PREDICT. WOOHOO THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME. Well at least I can read some jap characters huh;) Wheeeeehehehehehe.
They're crying omg ;__; Touching moment! Onew is an AWESOME leader:) And I'm so glad that I can read when he wrote "hajimemashite!" in hiragana. Teehee.