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Wednesday, December 22, 2010 7:59 AM
Born as an individual, die as a copy

Just because someone flirts with you, it doesn’t mean that they like you.
Just because someone likes you, it doesn’t mean that they want to date you.
Just because someone dates you, it doesn’t mean that they love you.
Just because someone loves you, it doesn’t mean that they won’t hurt you.
(and the cycle continues)

Work stinks today. Time passed by as fast as a moving snail, how wonderful. I had an amazing and busy day converting oxygen into carbon dioxide (well according to O' Mr. Wise some oxygen will be left un-converted, oh wth) 3 more days of work. I'm already dying. Still baffled over how just one persononly you can ruin my day, I'm gonna hold you guilty.
Sorry, I'm definitely not in the right mood to blog.