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Tuesday, December 21, 2010 7:01 AM
So fly high and plunge down

I absolutely agree with this, from Angeline's blog:B
AND SO. MY EYEBROWS COMPLETELY SHOT UP THE MOMENT I CHECK MY STATS EARLIER ON. 300+ VISITS TO MY BLOG TODAY? EPIC. MAN, EPIC. Erm, seriously, thanks guys. *tears trickling down my cheeks* Thanks for the 30th sotd in my life, 2nd in my new account today, thanks again!:D

Worked today from 2pm till 10pm, don't think I was late cuz I arrived at work with Siyi today^^ Today's so b-o-r-i-n-g that I can totally cry. I was surprised when WeiLin, KaiWen and KaiHui walked by Precious Thots, waved like a maniac at them because it's the first time somebody I know walk past the shop ;__; This will be the first time I have almost nothing to blog about work. There's really nothing - cute, single guys won't enter Precious Thots (well rarely). Guys that enter the shop are normally either: 1. Taken 2. Buying gifts for their girlfriend 3. Smokers 4. Shorter than me 5. Old
Now you know? Good. :(
Oh and I should probably STOP ordering creamy spaghetti to eat during break time already, since I'm getting sick of it and the thought of it feels disgusting now. Oh the horror. Terrible. Maybe I should eat, hmmm, chicken rice tomorrow? Chicken rice is one of those food that I'll never get sick of;) Okay sorry for blogging craps I'm like an empty shell today with nothing interesting to blog, hmph.
Well, I'll be working on 22th, 23th, 24th and 26th - four more days zomg. Then I'll bid Precious Thots goodbye D: Awww. Even though I don't really like my work a lot, but still. Will be missing it a bit I guess, sigh. But I'm happy that I'll be free on Christmas though, woohoo I'm so going out to have a freakin' crazy day♥
Thanks to the five great and nice people for talking to me on MSN today, hehe you know who you are. It's been a real, long time since I last chat with so many people at the same time ;__; WHERE IS CIVILIZATION!?

After so many months, I'm still addicted to Lucifer o_o Two things I like best for this MV: 1. Key's hair even though it's half-bald but I'm melting 2. Jonghyun's holding of a note for over 10 seconds

Gonna go catch up with The World Only God Knows and Fairy Tail soon! I had missed quite a lot episodes, argh.