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Thursday, December 23, 2010 7:55 AM
Happily not ever after

Two more days of work left for me! Bwahahahamuajajajajawakakaka.

No interesting customers today, even though there were a few cute guys, hehe *cough* Oh ya, Siyi broke a photo frame, tsk tsk :B I also realized that when something drops (just anything), I'll go "ooh!" instead of helping immediately ._. Okay I shall stop blogging about what happened at work already, since it's always the same like, everyday?
Since my work's already ending, I'm gonna plan things that I'm going to do for the rest of the holidays before getting my O'level results:
  • Catch up with all Fairy Tail episodes that I had missed
  • Catch up with all The World Only God Knows episodes that I had missed
  • Re-watch Angel Beats!
  • Re-watch SHINee Hello Baby
  • Watch T-ARA Hello Baby
  • Watch 500 Days Of Summer
  • GO OUT WITH FRIENDS!!! (inclusive of shopping and watching movies <3)
  • Go poly open houses with Qiaofen^^
  • MEET UP WITH KEY (can anyone make this possible for me? ;__;)
Yay *self-cheer* Well if I didn't do well for O's I guess I'll be going poly instead of a junior college then and so I may have to find another job. Sigh. Let's hope I get countless A1s that rock my life, huat arh! WELLLL it's not like I'm not worried though, but let's just say I'm having high hopes that I'll be getting good results - I really DID study huh! What I regretted most is my English essay and Chemistry paper 1 because I could have done so so so much better, but oh well what's the point of saying that now? Forget it. Christmas's in two freaking days, hohoho;)
Every person that enters the shop is a potential customer, every person that enters your life is a potential friend, and every chance that enters your life is a potential change. /Just something I thought of when I was bored during work.

/Watched Minho's pianist drama, omg I'm melting from his "flaming charisma" and why am I jealous when he kissed the noona and wth how could they be hugging for so long!? >:| The ending was such a cliffhanger asdfghjkl.