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Friday, December 17, 2010 8:21 PM
Burning out like crashing cars

Finished watching Toradora for the second time >:)
Stupid show made me cry non-stop ;___; So, now I'm gonna look at something else that makes me smile~

I seriously think that it's one of their best performance. It's not really in terms of dance luh, I rate performances according to their voices. Because dancing use up a lot of energy, most of the time their voices either sound tired or cracked at some part or they even use lip-syncing D: Surprisingly, they sound good here (I don't think they got lip-sync). Mostly I think it's due to Jonghyun not dancing? Since he has the main vocal and has to reach all those super high notes all the time, he has to conserve his energy for it, that's why I think he sounds a lot better when singing without dancing, get my point? It's not like I want him to not recover from his leg injury or what luh because it's still kinda saddening with only 4 members dancing. Somehow it feels rather empty:( Anyway. Jonghyun's power of holding a note for 12 seconds (I counted kkk) is awesome and it made my hair stand! Haha reminds me of choir when we have to hold a note for real long time...

Gonna go prepare for work already, bye!(:

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