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Saturday, December 18, 2010 11:42 AM
I'm hunting for a border on the right

Seriously, what on earth's wrong with my codings? As you see, I have a new layout for my blog (again!) However, there's one problem, there's supposed to be a border on the right side of my blogposts but for some unknown reason, it didn't appear! The strange thing is, the border only appear when I click other navigations to go to my user info, affiliates, etc. WTH. I had try everything and I tested the codes in another blog and it works out totally fine, so it means that there's no problems with the codes. I even copied and published my blogposts at the testing blog but it turned out fine, so it's not the photos or vids in my blog's fault >:@ AHHHHHH WTH.
Erm. Problem's solved, hehhhh. o_o SO NOT SOLVED, RAAAA.
So you see, there's the border on the right now.. But when you click "older posts", the border actually disappear, wth. I'm going crazy soon thanks to these dumb-ass codes, I have absolutely no idea what's wrong. All the width of my vids and photos on this page is 600px, which is also the same for my older posts, so technically there shouldn't have been any error at all gahhhh.

That definitely killed many of my precious brain cells:(