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Friday, December 17, 2010 5:54 AM
Over the fence and across the field

Isn't it cool? *__* I wonder if these can be use for running too, LOL.
Maybe I'll buy Nike heels one day (after getting my pay?^^) and try running around in them, haha.

Anyway, I'm off from work today! Hoho, slept all the way till 12pm, woke up to use the computer and went back to sleep at 1pm till about 3pm plus ^^ Went to Jurong Point during evening to renew my popular membership card and ended up spending all my money on food, as always -.-
Oh and I changed my layout back to the original one again. Yea I was sick of the new layout already, like I said. Hmmm. Argh I'm feeling frustrated. I have no idea what to do with my blog's layout anymore zzz. You see, it's easy submitting blogskins after blogskins but I rarely use those that I submitted cuz I never really like my work. #Pissed. Maybe I'll make another layout for my blog, soon. Very soon.
ANDANDAND KEY LOOKED SUPER ADORABLE DANCING ORANGE CARAMEL'S MAGIC GIRLLLLL with Kikwang and Kwanghee at Music Bank today^^ Can't help but rape the replay button, watching them dance and sing it over and over again, *melts* Also, Key's the tallest among the three of them so he didn't need those Mickey Mouse headbands like Kikwang and Kwanghee did, hehe ;) I just love how confident Key always look while he dances(:

There's work tomorrow! Sigh, but after tomorrow I'll be off on Sunday and Monday, woohoo! :DD

/Re-watching Toradora and falling in love with Ryuuji all over again, that cute neat freak(:
Crying non-stop for Taiga D::::