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Friday, December 24, 2010 7:48 AM
Mr. Wannabe

Last day of work for Mrs Onew, 2nd-last day of work for me (Mrs Key! OMG I'm so bhb) ;)
Hmph, now then I know that the manager check the three security cameras in the shop very frequently, which means she knows that we keep using our phone during work long time ago! Omg this is so embarrassing (~///~) We ate awesome ice-cream log cakes today during work too, didn't know that we part-timers are allowed to eat that lovely thing too teehee. CUZ IT'S FREAAAAAKING CHRISTMAS EVE PEOPLE!!
It's real funny when nobody seem to realize that it's Siyi's last day at work! Hope my other colleagues will at least look at me properly when I bid them goodbye on my last day of work on 26th :X

My glasses made me look stupid *scoff*

Only you, you and you can make a fine, normal day of mine turned completely upside down. I hate you. I guess if I'll have to let you go this time round I won't even blink an eye. I can be so much more relaxed without you. Why the hell would I want you in the first place I have no idea.