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Sunday, December 19, 2010 12:51 AM
I whip my hare back and forth


Okay so I heard that SHINee knows about Tumblr.
ZOMG ISSIT TRUUUU *SCREAM* Not sure whether to believe it or not, but it's all over my Tumblr dashboard o_o I can already imagine them joining... and then what? They'll probably get tons of messages that they'll just ignore me if I send one pathetic "hi" LOL. But wait, don't crush my dream first, lemme continue. Then they'll somehow stumble across my Tumblr (I don't care how) and click my blogger's link and *drumrolls please* reaches my blog! Then we'll become good friends and they'll leave tags on my tagboard hahahahahaha XD
Why the hell am I laughing to myself like a maniac. Oh yea, because it won't happen -.-

/FFFFFFF. Youtube's not letting me watch U-Kiss's Shut Up because "This content may contain material flagged by YouTube's user community that may be inappropriate for some users. Sorry, you must be 18 or over to view this video or group." OMG wth I watched it only like a few hundred times only and now I can't watch the MV already?D:/
/Okay so now I'm trying to memorise T-ara members' names >:) Gonna know them if I wanna watch T-ara's Hello Baby! So far the easiest for me to recognise is only Hyomin since she acted in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, *fail*/

Oh and about my work yesterday. Yadayadayada and so I was late for work for about 25 minutes. There are really weird customers sometimes, like this couple who bought like, 15 cups. The husband just walked into the shop and pointed at the cups and said to me, "Give me five of this, five of this and five of that." I was completely stunned and had to repeat what he said to make sure that I didn't heard wrongly but he frowned at me and ask me to be quick. LOL wth -.-
Then there's this lady who wore this low-cut top and kept leaning forward while talking (she's even shorter than me *cough* so you can kinda imagine) and I felt super awkward because she doesn't seem to realise that she was being rather revealing, eek. I was totally freaking out because she's my customer and she had me busy for quite some time, but seriously. About her top, well I was just too embarrassed to say anything ._.
I feel like talking a bit about my colleagues here but I'm worried that I'll say negative stuff about them accidentally, so I'll just leave it here(: Well I guess I should add something: I really hope that my boss can smile more.
There's this thing that I'm really pissed about yesterday though. Like I said earlier, I was late for 25 minutes right? Right. Since I was scheduled for work from 1pm till 10pm, they only released me at 10.25pm, which means that I had sort of complete my work and they should just let the fact that I'm late rest isn't it? But no, the boss record my working time as 1.30pm - 10pm. Gah I was pissed luh of course. Even though I was late, I did work overtime, so how could they just dock my pay like that? I even exclaimed out loud that "WAH! IT'S ALMOST 10.30PM ALREADY!" but I was ignored, wth. This is unfair >:(
Anyway. I'm off from job today! You guys will never know how happy I am :')
Another wonderful day for me to whip my hare back and forth r e l a x :D Gonna go buy some nail polish later. Going out tomorrow for Christmas class gathering! After which I'll be back to work on twenty first zzz.