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Monday, December 20, 2010 7:37 AM
There's a party in my head and nobody's invited

So... Off from job today;)
Since I didn't go for the "class" gathering Christmas celebration thingy (too few peeps going anyway D:), went out with dear Qiaofen ^^ Woke up only at 1pm plus in the afternoon and met up with her at JE MRT station platform to travel to Plaza Singapura(: Haha she looks kinda cute with braces luh (honoured right QF I say you cute leh!) but she sounds funny too because she just have the braces on a few days ago hence she cant speak properly, couldn't help but keep laughing at the way she talks LOL - yup ikr I'm so bad (jealous though cuz I want braces too but still deciding after hearing QF's horrifying experience of extracting her molar tooth).
Watched as she ate the whole day, cuz I didn't eat anything out today except for the cup of milk tea from Each-A-Cup - I have no idea why I'm addicted to milk tea these days, I used to hate them! - so I only spent like, S$2 today, haha wth. I felt super talkative today as I'm the one talking most of the time because QF couldn't speak properly -.-
Walked around Orchard area, there's really nothing at Park Mall actually, LOL. Went into this exotic-looking shop too and even though it's kinda creepy (reminded me of the Mr. Midnight story that I read when I was in Primary School about this shop that disappeared the second day after the characters bought their clothes LOL) the stuffs are not bad and the clothes and bags ar pretty cool there. Felt like buying this cute small sling bag with an America flag designed on the cover of its flap when I don't really like it anyway, why is that so? Creepy...
Explored Orchard Central after that as we had never really shop there before. There's like 12 floors! Haha I'm acting like a tourist from some village who has never been to the city before -.- There are many nice shops there that sell cool stuffs:D I especially like the shop that sells Hello Kitty watches (looking real enough) and I would have bought the watch if not for: 1. No money 2. They only comes with straps of black, white and pink version, just no red when I like red D: I think I'll just have to start appreciating pink, since Key likes *pink* ^^ I totally love the design for the toilets there too♥
Walked to 313@Somerset after that with Qiaofen desperately looking for something to eat for dinner and so, again, I watched as she eat at Yashinoya, cuz I wasn't really hungry. Well I guess I'm a bit more saving these days now that I've started working. A meal would have cost me S$5 at Yashinoya and that would have been an hour of working so I'm careful not to let it go down the drain ;__;
And so I was spam-talking about Key, SHINee, U-Kiss, my work and computer stuff to QF the whole day, hope I didn't bore her:P

...Gonna be back for work tomorrow :|
Okay maybe I shouldn't give that face since there's only a few days left for working... I may even start missing my colleagues (surprise, surprise) because I'll probably never ever see them again ._.