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Tuesday, December 14, 2010 10:37 AM
It only takes one minute for the world to come crashing down

And so... I worked for 10 freaking, freaking, FREAAAAAKING hours today. I was totally emo-ing during the bus ride to work. I kinda took my own sweet time and was late for half an hour but nobody cares apparently. Oh well it isn't a bad day after all I guess. Normally I was asked to just stand there and give assistance to any customers who need my help (boring = time flies effing slowly), but today I actually do something more like removing the price tag of the coasters and sticking the new price on ($1.90 to $2.50! As if it wasn't expensive enough already), counting the number of forever friends bear keychains they have in order... etc. Also, two customers actually started chatting to me as if we were long-lost friends so naturally, with all these events, time flies a tiny teeny bit faster.
There's this funny moment when I "accidentally" overheard this little boy (hmmm about 10 years old or so?) talking to him mum, pestering her to buy a nice card for his wedding. So when I heard that I was like huhhhh wth is going on. The boy even said, "MUMMYYY PLEASE! I promise to only spend 1 million dollars for my wedding!" - or something like this. Then his mum was like, "stop talking rubbish boy." Haha I was laughing silently to myself cuz it's damn funny luh, no offense though... I'm very much amused, ha!
There's this period of time when the shop's super busy and I was opening boxes of cup for the customers to check (damn troublesome if they decided that they don't want the cup in the way and I have to pack it back again-.-), rushing everywhere in the shop. Yea actually I'll rather that happens than having an empty shop for the time to past v e r y slowly ;) Time indeed flies faster when you're actually doing stuff! Sorry for repeating that umpteen times, but seriously, isn't it?
I was so bored I actually did this...
Onkey and Jongkey ftw!:DD In case some of you feel that it's unfair, fyi there's no letter A and I already so I can't make a Taekey or a Minkey D: Okay actually the Onkey was made by Siyi yesterday but I added Jongkey today LOL. Damn sad cuz some stupid guys keep coming to unscramble the words and make everything super messy that I just have to tidy up again, gahhhhh.
I do realise that I'm spam blogging about work everyday now o_o Well work is the only thing I seem to be doing these days :| I'm wondering, why hasn't anybody I know visit me at the shop yet ;__; I'm gonna pray hard for more cute guys to come into the shop often (no, not those taken ones, hoho) XD
Working again tomorrow (oops I mean later it's waaaay past midnight already oh dear) - 1pm till 10pm *faint* When will I be able to actually rest for a day?!!!/?1?3!?@# 15th's actually my rest day, but I was told to go back for work, arghh. Gonna get Siyi to take over for me on 20th for Christmas class gathering, I don't wanna miss out all the fun! Hope she can really make it, if not I'll be really pissed with Precious Thots since they just won't let me take leave >:@

So. I had this nightmare last night. It was scary alright. I dreamed of getting back my O-level results ZOMGOMGOMGGGGG. *faint* I can't really remember much from my dreams, but I do remember the results I had seen on this elegant-looking laminated paper. I got an F for Maths (both emaths and amaths), mind you. I can still remember the feeling I had in my dream, freaky. I'll seriously cry my eyes out if I really get an F for my Maths *holding chopper in hand - glare* I think I got a C for erm, Chemistry in my dreams. Okay so it's kinda sad since I'm aiming for a B or maybe A... The feeling for getting an F is so much more worse than getting a C okay! Can't exactly remember more, but there's really a lot of Cs and Fs on my report I think. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE don't let this dumb-ass dream come true!!@@

Oh and what's with Disney these days? Miley Cyrus caught smoking from a bong filled with Salvia, Demi Lovato in rehab and Zac Efron + Vanessa Hudgens had split up D: Mess. I'm kinda sad about Zac and Vanessa ending, because they had always looked so cute and sweet together. Well it's good that they're still friends, hope they get back one day (?) *cough* - I don't really give a damn to Miley Cyrus ._.

Apparently I read this sentence on Tumblr earlier on and I actually cried because it reminded me so much of you. Blerghhhh what's with me I thought I'm way over you already D: I'm confused. :(

Know what? I'm sick of this layout. Already. Gonna change soon, bleh~