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Tuesday, December 14, 2010 10:09 AM
SM The Ballad - Hot Times

Damn damn damn. They're so freaking-ass good that I can't help but post their MV on my blog every time a new one comes out -__- My favourite in this MV shall be Kyuhyun, his voice is just amazing in this vid *mind blown* Jonghyun isn't bad too and I feels kinda sad for Jay - he has more ad libs than actual lines I think. Jino's okay, but he definitely needs a lot more practice before reaching his senpai's standards (LOL why am I using a jap word for a Korean MV hahaha - okay I just googled it, can't believe I forgot that senpai's called sunbae in Korean, epic fail) Memory fail? I must be working too much.
I'm gonna rape the replay button XD

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