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Thursday, December 16, 2010 7:58 AM
Roses aren't red, violets aren't blue

I was sooo meant to update about my work on 15th, but then I didn't and finished another effing day of work on 16th. What should I talk about exactly? Work yesterday was fine, at least I talked to my colleagues (a bit) and those who have work yesterday were all not really close, hence I don't feel excluded, I guess, hees.
There's an awkward moment though, ya know, when you laughed at other people's joke (which sounds okay, but wait...) and they're actually strangers and so NOT talking to you. Yep that's what happened yesterday, I have no idea what came over me, but the guy's comment about the cups on display was damn funny that I couldn't help but laugh and had to turn away eventually because it's awkward-.- I hope they didn't know that I was laughing o_o I wanna talk about the funny comment but I don't think most of you would understand though O: Well, there's this cup decoration thingy which you can stick the decorations (with your photo too) onto the plain-looking cups by yourself, and there were a few demos on display. The funny thing is, the decoration says "friends forever" but the photo displayed was actually a couple on their wedding - cartoon version though LOL. I had never realized that and so I was really surprised by the guy's comment, complete irony. Rofl. Okay maybe you guys won't find it funny but I really find it funny ._.
Work today's not bad I guess. The morning was totally b-o-r-i-n-g because the shop's totally empty with very few customers coming soon once in a while, but the night's really superrrr. Precious Thots was flooded with endless customers coming in and there's this moment when I actually I was going to faint, like seriously, the place definitely looked like a night market then - messy -__- I was running all over the place, searching high and low for stocks that the customers wanted, busy:( It really is satisfying when you find what the customers wanted and have them thank you, haha I love that feeling XD I enjoy going into the storeroom to get stuff for them >:) What I really, really hate, is when I couldn't find the stuff that the customers wanted, even after running all over the store and searching high and low already *fail* It's irritating to have them say "erm never mind then it's ok" because it's definitely not okay! asdfghjkl!@#$%^&* RA. I love this particular lady today, she bought like, 9 (or 10?) cups in total and had me occupied for a real long time = time flies! Shiok.
I should stop talking about work already, must be boring you all right D: Even though my work sounds easy and simple, it's really torturing to stand for so MANY hours in a pair of dumb-ass flats, my toenails almost turned white everyday due to prolonged period of time being stuck in the shoes because they're SUFFOCATINGGGG. Gah. TMI? Hees.

Just a few thoughts I had when I was at work:

  1. Those kpop guys I don't really like are actually the type I would probably like in reality (LOLOLOL much I'm just weird - and yes, that includes SHINee's Jonghyun and U-Kiss's Soohyun)
  2. What would I do if SHINee (esp. Key) were to come Singapore and *gasp* come into Precious Thots while I'm on my shift!!!? At first I think I'll faint, but then I try really hard to imagine the situation and I think most likely I'll let out a shrilling scream "AHHHHHHHHHHH" (highest pitch an abnormal human being can reach up to!) and run towards them trying screaming "SHINee!!!" and "KEYYYYYY!!" Being idols, of course they'll have to be polite then and take individual shots with me upon my inappropriate request, hehe (if they aren't too busy rushing for their schedules or what luh..) ^^ I was so bored that I played out the entire scene on my mind, even the way they'll walk in *__*
  3. Worried. Worried. VERY WORRIED. I just realized today that they actually knows about it whenever I'm late (which is like everyday-.-) Kinda weird though, why didn't they even bat an eye when I enter the store late? Just don't get it..

Ahh. My speed at replying tags is really decreasing (with an increasing gradient!XD) these days due to work all day, sorry! ;__;