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Friday, December 24, 2010 10:18 AM
Jingle all the way, so spread the love!

to anybody and everybody!
You know I love you guys (my readers, followers and fellow friends!);3

OH WAIT WAIT WAIT. Since Christmas's here, it means that we'll be saying "bye" to year 2010 and "hi" to year 2011 very soon! Oh the horror. Gosh I can't believe that I'm turning 17 next year, already. 17 sounds very old, NOOOOOOOOOOO. Can't I stay at Sweet Sixteen forever and ever? *endless flow of tears* Okay let's trash the pessimistic side of us for a while since it's Christmas...
There are just too many things I want for Christmas - including Key! I'll be off from my job today too, woots what an awesome start for Christmas, hope it turns out well to be an awesome day later!:D Breakfast with Qiaofen and outing with Yifan, hoho. If only I can have dinner with Key - that will REALLY complete my day my year 2010! I know this is too much to ask for, but presents, people! PRESENTSSSS! At least I know that I'll definitely be getting a feeew (one or two? LOL) presents luh ;__;

Maybe I should go around hugging people like Key's force-hugging Taemin, hehe

Happy birthday to Amanda and Chaihui!;) Ooh so many Christmas babies~
(Spongebob gif via here)

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