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Wednesday, December 29, 2010 9:53 AM
Kokuhaku / Confessions

Guess what, I finally watched Confessions today! Oh wait, I mean yesterday, it's already 1:26am oh dear. Anyway, I came to know about this movie quite some times ago but never had the chance to watch it. Read about it in the magazine and it seems really cool, didn't know that I'll really get to watch it then! Hehe and today's the last day of screening for Confessions, luckily I didn't miss it:D
Met Javan in the afternoon, travelled to Vivo City then to get the tickets for Confessions first. It was really terrible because all the nice seats were already taken and we had no choice but to sit in the second row :( Since the movie starts at 6:50pm, went all the way to Boon Keng after that to tutor his friend Maths. Gosh I was surprised at how *fail* my Maths is now! The last time I did Maths was like, 2 months ago and now my skill's all rusty and I felt really embarrassed for not being able to solve quite many questions:'( I even forgot what modulus function and differentiation is... sorry Miss Tan D: My trigonometry's really terrible now too argh. This is a really upsetting news for me! I really need my Sharp calculator!!! Lucky for me, I haven't throw my assessment books and undone worksheets away yet, so when I'm free I'm gonna go revise on my Maths again, here I come! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh and now then I realise that I didn't know that girl's name o_o And so we did Maths questions until it was time for movie...
Kinda late for the movie and had to rushed to the cinema upon reaching Harbourfront O: Plot's totally wicked;) It's about a Student A and Student B murdering their teacher's child and hence their teacher Moriguchi takes revenge on them. Kinda morbid, after watching it I finally understand why the movie's rated as NC16! Well actually Shuya and Naoki (student A and B) are kinda cute - especially SHUYA ZOMG. He was a totally genius for making a bomb and a clock that ticks backwards... I like him even though he had killed people ruthlessly, well just for the sake of getting his mum's attention ._. By the way they're only 14-year-old kids, LOL. *__* The scene when Naoki slashed his mum to death is completely epic too, my eyes was wide open in shock during those scenes. The ending's definitely not enough for me ya know! >:( Ohohoh and I saw Genghao after the movie ended too, haha! We had an eye-contact but he didn't even noticed, hmph! He was sitting with his friends in the third row during the movie... so now I know who's the evil people who caused me to have to sit so way in front in the second row!:P
Can't believe Javan bought the Chinese book for Confessions, like what he said, he's really gonna read the book until his butt rot -__- Because seriously, the book's like super difficult to read as it's not in the Simplified Chinese version:\ Ate two piece of Salmon sushi too~ (fyi that's all I eat for the day, other than drinking water, pro right HOHOHO)

I never got to receive nice jelly from Qiaofen today:( Going out with her tomorrow though, whee~

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