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Tuesday, December 28, 2010 9:02 PM
When pigs fly

Oh damn. Northeast Monsoon. I guess that's why the weather's so freaking cold these days huh? I'm totally freezing, arghhh. Well, actually this morning's kinda different o_o The sun is actually up high in the sky, shining brightly. Technically I should be feeling warm isn't it, but instead the freezing feeling just won't go away, which is kinda weird since I had purposely sat right in front of the window with the sun aiming directly at me earlier on. At first I felt like I'm burning, but the moment I moved away, I feel freezing cold again. BRRRRRRR what on earth is going on with the weather...

Hmmm so it's 29th today! Oh my, three more days, just three more days, to a new year! I guess time's really flying these days. It's scary. Now as I look back to where I am four years ago, I was probably having a nervous wreck then, because I was going to a new school soon. Well it all seems like yesterday doesn't it. I feels like it was only yesterday that I know that I got my PSLE results, got to know which secondary school that I'm going to, bought my books for secondary one, had my first day in a completely new environment, having a class where there's totally nobody I know at all. Everything that used to be strange and unfamiliar, somehow it has sort of grew onto me. My years in secondary school, passing by just like this. Even though there were the ups and downs moments, right now I can only think of those nice moments.
I remember going to my school's open house 4 years ago, there's a huge pouring rain then and I was feeling extremely tired then because I arrived late for some weird talk in the school hall about school's function, etcetc. I didn't know that the school would become my school in a near future.
Then, there's the first day of school, secondary one. Everything was so new to me, the surroundings, the teachers and of course, my classmates. It just feels like I'm a small fish in a gigantic pond huh. My very first friend and table-mate in Fuhua, Huien(: The comics we drew together during lesson times, not paying attention in classes and playing pranks on some teachers (hehe okay ikr we're so innocent and evil back then!) The chocolate cake she gave me during my birthday... How I feel that her English is totally fantastic. Oh and in secondary one, she doesn't have a phone! Haha I still remember her grumbling about it. Hmmm it feels like it all happened just yesterday. Weird isn't it.
And now of course, I'll have to mention Yifang! My second official friend in Fuhua! I remember talking to her on the second of my secondary one year, how I was confused over how to pronounce her name and all that (fyi, her chinese name is really unique, ha!) I remember telling her my name, how eventually I gave up and told her to call me PeiLing (well that's how you pronounce my name in Chinese luh) and up till down she's the only one that still calls me that;) We even exchange phone numbers and emails, hehe. There's the time when she text me for the first time in my life, I can't really remember the details already, but I guess it's something about homework or school? There's also this time (don't think she remember it) when we spammed "HAHAHA" during messaging and I was so eager to fill up one sms full of "HAHAHA" and send it right back to her in a minute, hees, we're being silly back then, keke.
I can't remember who's my third, fourth, fifth (and so on...) friends in the school already. But looking back, I still memories about my first impression of Jiesi (tsktsk incorrigible girl!) My register number in class in secondary one is 24 and hers is 23 then, which is why she sits in front of me during assembly and all that. I recall trying to make friends with her by starting a conversation (I was really talkative LOL) but was sort of ignored by her! HAHAHAHA. (she told me that she can't remermber that already!) I guess I had been really chatty during assembly and she might have gotten irritated or something:X
I knew Kamin as the girl who talks to me during the secondary one orientation camp. Back then I was really blur with all the new classmates I was making but I do remember that during the camp (we're sleeping in the school hahahaha) her sleeping bag was beside me and I think she wanted to sleep early or something like that while I was hiding in my covers playing some dumb-ass handphone game that involves an ugly plane moving around to complete some puzzle (LOL) To me, Kamin's always nice to everyone and I used to be like, why is that girl so friendly to everyone for? WEIRDDDD. Cuz I'm not really friendly to strangers hahaha:P
Then it's Yifan! My first impression of her is that she's some really tall girl from China (LOL) My first memory of her is during the orientation bonding game when you know, people have to hold hands with different people together so that everyone will be tangled up together and that we have to try to free ourselves without letting go of our hands? Haha yea she was opposite me then and I was like, "wow tall girl!" Also I remember us telling each other that we like S.H.E then and how nice their songs are, hehe. She has always been kinda impatient:P Oh and she's my table-mate during secondary one in science labs! I was always slacking off by borrowing her phone to play handphone games under the table while she did all the work herself when it's actually a PAIRWORK. Okay I was reallyyyy guilty about that, even up until now. Why the hell was I such a bad student back then! (Well I got a lot better in secondary two:P) We're always talking during lab times too^^
Then... Qiaofen! Met her during Home Economics~ By some chances I got into the same group with her, Jialin and BangGuo. Well I had noticed her on the first day of school actually, because of her eyes. I was thinking to myself, wow that girl really have super long eyelashes and they're natural some more! Haha and I'm still jealous about that until now >:) My impression of her will be kinda jumpy, cheery, sporty and healthy kind of girl, LOL. Her handwriting was really cute with all her words jumping up and down and jumbled all over. I like it when she told me that I have nice handwriting during group work XD Yup she's really friendly and all that~ But sometimes I do think that she's weirddd. I mean, she can be totally ignorant some of the times, the second impression she gave will be that "I don't care about stuff that doesn't concern me" ha! Was friends with her in the lower secondary, but we weren't really close even though she's in Damily like I am too, until the upper secondary. She's my first table-mate during secondary three! Yea Miss Tan's like so strict and we had to sit according to height! Luckily I'm about the same height about Qiaofen and hence we got to sit together instead of having to sit with a new classmate who I don't know. She used to be a lot shorter than me too! Argh but now she's taller oh what the... Okay she can really mean sometimes, flicking fingers at people's (e.g. me) leg. LOL much tsktsk. And so I picked up the skill from her:D
And JiaLin, met her during the group work for Home Economics too. Yea and we paired in the the small group of ours to cook up a meal. Wasn't really close to her, she's a nice girl (to me haha). Sorry if I had offended her in any way last time!:( She's the only girl in Damily that shares the interest of mangas and animes with me, haha:) Thanks a lot to JiaLin for lending me lots of mangas last time too! Got to read Fullwoon Wo Sagashite thanks to her(: My impression of her will be erm, wow this girl's shorter than me *cough* She seemed really matured and quiet to me, hmmm...
Jiawan!! (okay I really have lots of friends whose names starts with a "J" - gosh it's damn common) First time I see her, I was sort of surprised of how long her hair is, tied into just one plait (oh my) She's tall too~ Only start knowing her better during secondary two when we always walk home together (me to the bus stop while her back to her house of course, haha) and which was why we started chatting^^ Talked about lots of stuff and I got to know and understand her a lot better then:) Ha and I just enjoy playing with her long plait and pulling it everytime I walked by her... Okay sorry about that I was like some childish and immature guyyyy, hehe. Oh but I can't do that now already, since she had cut her hair after graduation in secondary four ;__; Well with her new hairstyle she definitely looks more pretty now!

Okay I think I had mentioned everyone in Damily already (plus HUIENLIM):D Sorry for such a wordy post, just feel like posting this. Kinda random huh I know, gotta post more about other people next time!