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Friday, January 28, 2011 7:02 AM
Havaianas and school shoes

Second day at SAJC today. I was really sleepy during the talks at the Cultural Centre in the morning due to little sleep and felt like falling asleep the whole time, and now I'm feeling bad for not paying full attention D:
The water games were definitely memorable and I had fun getting wet actually even though it's a little, I don't know, disgusting? It'll be a lot better if it wasn't drizzling! Getting wet under a hot sun will be nicer^^ To my horror (at first) we had to play the shampoo game and I was really reluctant to dip my hair into the bucket full of shampoo foam but still, I did it in the end and it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, hehe. In fact, it made my hair smells nice, cool huh?

Met up with the awesome people - Brendan, Felicia, Jiesi, Junyuan, Qiaofen, Sweden and Yifang - after school at Pizza Hut and had a great meal ;) The five of them are from ACJC and they keep talking about their dances et cetera while I'm the only one from SAJC among them ;__; Okay wait, Sweden was from SAJC too until he appealed successfully for NJ (sa traitor!!! -n-)
I realize I really miss them :( At least the five of them have many people they know well in their new school while I'm totally alone *sobbing in one corner* And Qiaofen, who's going to poly and gets to sleep until afternoon everyday! Eek. Reached home after 10pm and I was so freaking tired I can't even bring myself to use the computer anymore :(

Busted!!! - the girls ;)

Aiyer so sweet right hehe