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Thursday, January 27, 2011 7:47 AM
Sour candies

First day of school today! Woke up early in the morning at 5am and met up with Yifan at Chinese Garden MRT station to travel all the way to Potong Pasir for school. This is kinda crazy since it's a really long trip, not to mention the amount of time we took to walk from the train station to school D:
I'm in Orientation Group 5 while Yifan's in OG27, so we had to split up and there isn't a single which I know in my OG! Kinda pathetic huh! I even joined the wrong group at first, which is like, super embarrassing and I felt really dumb, was completely mortified when I had been told that I was in the wrong group.
OG5's orientation leader is Marilyn and even though she's small (in size, LOL), she's a rather nice and helpful OL who message us to inform what we should do:) Got to know Eunice first since she's right beside me when I plopped down in the out-of-shape circle that OG5 had formed during the ice-breaking games (?) I didn't exactly pay much attention because I was busy tapping my fingers all over the screen of my phone messaging tons of people just because I'm bored. Yea I know I was rude, sorry. Everyone looks totally unfamiliar to me. It sort of feels like secondary one all over again, when I was stuck with a bunch of strangers in a new environment. Until today, I had never really wonder how I got to be good friends with Qiaofen, Jiesi, Yifang and the rest of Damily members, because we also started out as strangers during secondary one. Fate's working its way with us;) Anyway. Got to know Dionne after Eunice since she's sitting on my left side, she's a nice girl who's gonna be in the art stream like me too~
There are 5 clans and 30 groups in total, and the first letter for the name of our clans follows the alphabets in the word SAINT - fyi, students are called "saints" in SAJC @@ - and I'm in the S clan, which stands for Sygora and it consist of people from OG1-5. Sounds weird but oh well, GO SYGORA!!! Personally I think that our cheer's cool but very few actually shows enthusiasm, and that definitely includes me. Actually I was hyper about it but thanks to my sorethroat I can't really shout anyway so I'm just there, feeling sad :( We also had a mass dance after a short briefing at the Cultural Centre. We had to dance to a song called "Shake it", which is quite random and I'm slow at following dance beats because there are plenty fast moves.
Played the usual bonding games, so I won't really go into details what we played because I don't wanna bore you guys! I'm a good blogger, teehee >:) Okay wait, I'll talk a little bit about the games. There's the land mine game (stupid forfeits!! *sob*), a game whereby you'll carry lots of stuff (IT'S MY FAVOURITE BUT I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DESCRIBE THE GAME - shutter run involved!), ping pong ball game, etc. These games are actually something like a competition to see which clan will get the orb (some stupid powerful thingy which we have to fight for) in the end! Eek.
Well, little by little I get to know and remember people's names, still working on it though because I can't really remember most of the guys' names :/ Well it feels fine to be in SAJC and all that, but sometimes when I decided to sit back and relax, all I see was the sea of unfamiliar faces instead of the usual secondary fours in secondary school that I'm pretty much used to already, which is why I end up putting up my defense again. &The cycle repeats.
The weird thing? I spoke only English with my OG members. OMG o_o It feels tiring.

Land mine game! I'm not done posing for the camera yet-.-

P.s. Sorry YiFang it's the first day of school I don't really have the time to dedicate a post to you D:
It makes me wonder how many times we forgive, just because we don’t want to lose someone, even if they don’t deserve our forgiveness.

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