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Saturday, January 29, 2011 7:50 AM
Knuckles hurt

Woke up super early this morning at 07:30am after a full thirty minutes of dad nagging for me to wake up, all thanks to my sis. Just because she's heading to rv to get her edusave scholarship doesn't mean that I have to go along isn't it? And so I went there with her and my cousin sulking all the way. This is definitely my first time entering River Valley High and they have this big auditorium for those prize-winners and their family members who went along to sit, but too bad there weren't enough seats and so I'm like left standing at the very back of the cold place. Decided to sit down because I'm so not in the mood for standing to wait for the ceremony to begin and eventually the parents who were at the back of the auditorium sat down on the carpeted floor too after seeing me sitting, hehe XD
The ceremony actually took about an hour to start and so I fell asleep countless times. I was annoyed about the waiting time already and the place was cold too so it's bad for my flu:( Stupid event wasted my time, I could have put those precious times to good use - like SLEEPING, argh.

Met up with Javan in late afternoon at JP to travel to Sim Lim Square for his computer stuff - which I don't really get it since it's too complicated and confusing at the same time :/ Got out of the place afterwards but we got lost AND ACTUALLY WALKED ALL THE WAY FROM BUGIS TO ORCHARD. Cool huh!? Now I kinda know the way, shall try it again next time when I have the chance, hehe. Had our meal at Burger King because we got really hungry from walking for such a long time, J (the noobzxc) bought a cool-looking Evangelion shirt from Uni Qlo too :)
Okay I actually enjoyed treating him as my punching bag today luh, but currently I'm feeling sorry for hitting him for too many times today (I really use my strength k), hope I didn't cause any internal injuries omg. Oh well but he's the one who started it by flicking his fingers on my hand non-stop:X I'm just too strong :D I'm getting more and more violent too oh dear...
Took bus 99 home and the bus service was really terrible because rain kept leaking into the bus. I wonder if there are actually cracks in the roof because water dripped in everywhere, even onto the seats, from time to time during the ride and I was really annoyed with the dumb bus, felt like I'm not in Singapore but in some old village without proper bus instead. I hope they mend the buses soon or else the company's gonna get complain letters, tsktsk.
I have a sexy-smelling phone now teehee.