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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 7:55 AM
It doesn't matter what I pretend to be

This will be a turning point in my life. Just another one like those that I had when I entered my primary and secondary schools. Why am I worrying more than the previous times? Perhaps I really do get more and more paranoid as I get older. I remember that I had used to be so volunteering and optimistic for everything when I was younger, probably because I was inexperienced then and don't give a single damn to this world - I was too fucking clueless. I vaguely remember my thoughts when I was entering primary school - "Yea I'm so gonna make many new friends and have fun!" and my thoughts when I was entering secondary school - "What if I fail at making friends? Oh well whatever I can do it!" Now - WHAT IF I'M GOING TO BE THE EMO KID WHO'S ALWAYS BEING A LONER WITH NO FRIENDS? *gasp* Asdfghjkl. See the huge difference over the years? I have become more and more of a pessimist. Is there pills that can make people who consumed it be more optimistic about things? I'm definitely being a worrywart. Well just hoping that things wll turn out fine.

Oops. I had talked so much about how I'm feeling for the first day of school tomorrow that I didn't even tell you guys which school I got into! Well everyone has been talking about how the result will be send to our phones via sms at 8am in the morning, but the truth is, we received the result earlier than 8.
Mine was sent to my phone at 7:18am, when I was still in my dreamland, funny much. Checking my messages, Jiesi had sent me a "howhowhow?" even before MOE sent me my result, she's freaking efficient o_o I would have still been sleeping if not for the wonderful Javan who woke me up (I'm sorry for sort of blaming him for waking me up because I had a reeeeally hard time falling asleep the night before, eek) by spam-calling me - I was super shocked afterwards when I found out that I had actually picked up two calls from him even though I was still fast asleep then (stupid touchscreen, LOL), good gracious, hope I hadn't mumble anything stupid in my sleep.. :|
Anyway, woke up after rejecting a third phone call from you-know-who, read the message from MOE and found that I have been accepted into St. Andrew's Junior College. Yea I guess that it's gonna be my school for two years. I'm still thinking about transferring though, since SAJC is kinda, kinda, really far, it's gonna take me an hour plus of bus trip to reach there! Hmmmm. Maybe I should have chosen JJC instead because it's just a stone throw away from my house. Too bad. Considering. But whether or not I'm transferring, I'll still have to go SAJC's orientation, so maybe I'll start liking the place and lose the will to transfer. Sigh, so much to think through. Most of my friends either got into Anglo-Chinese JC or JJC, so I'm feeling kinda left out by going to SAJC. :(

Anyway. Spent my last day of holiday with Brendan, Jiesi and Qiaofen (alphabetical order) by going to Bugis with them. There isn't much to see and we bought almost nothing *cough* I had to admit that I enjoyed the chatting part more than the shopping trip itself. Well I guess I'm just the type who prefers to sit down and have a nice chat rather than walking round and round looking at clothes (no, I don't mean that I hate shopping, just that it gets tiring sometimes). Won't be seeing any of them often anymore, so gonna miss my friends and practically everyone I know in secondary school - you'll be surprise how long the list is getting.
Sigh. Got my new school shoes too and it's a tad too big for me, hope I don't trip while walking in them or anything huh ._.

I'm having sorethroat currently and my voice sounds pretty terrible. It's going to ruin people's first impression of me! >:( Bye, I shall go to sleep now because I'm going to wake up for school in a few hours' time!