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Sunday, February 6, 2011 7:54 AM
Awake my apathetic soul

Yet another day, with nothing interesting to blog about, at all! I don't get why I get comments on my tagboard about me keep going out and camwhoring, okay not that I don't, but not always! In fact, I stayed home most of the time in front of the computer and rot - ah, I really do pity myself. I have less than a hundred for my red packet money, plus mum decided to keep them all for me too, so I guess I'll be staying broke until I start saving huh?:( This is definitely one of the most boring Chinese New Year I ever had in my almost seventeen years of life, gah. Even Qiaofen and Jiesi went out yesterday for shopping! I think it's kinda like a secret agreement - "ignore PuiLing during Chinese New Year!" - because I spent the previous Chinese New Year holiday rotting at home too (IT'S MY FREAKING BIRTHDAY FOR THE CNY LAST YEAR SOMEMORE WHO ON EARTH ROT AT HOME ALONE DURING THEIR BIRTHDAY?) Welcome to my shitty life.
Anyway, it'll be like the first day of school all over again tomorrow. I get to know the subject combination that I'll be taking and *drumrolls please..* MY CLASS! Gotta make friends all over again I guess, kinda worried and that's why I'm sort of dreading school tomorrow :( As most of you know, I'm rather stubborn and the kind who dislike changes in their life. Sigh. STRESS!!!!
Now - my birthday's coming!!! Yes, 16TH FEBRUARY, you guys better get that drilled into your mind because I don't want a pathetic and lonely birthday like all the years before :'( I share the same birthday with awesome people like Ethel and Christopher too hehe ;D