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Thursday, February 17, 2011 7:02 AM
Clouding up

Won't be updating about my birthday dinner yet since YiFang haven't upload the photos from her DSLR.. but here's a clear photo of my class - taken on my birthday, hehe!:)

I was late for school today, sigh, and got stranded at some random place during the science challenge away from my class, eek. The stupid hot sun was right above me, and I was just... melting. Even though 11A02 didn't win anything for the rocket-making competition, but we're indeed the art class with the best score, which makes us the best art class, isn't it? >:D I had a cool four hours break after the science challenge, didn't make use of the time and played Monopoly Deal instead - I'm feeling so guilty now:(
Tomorrow's Friday already! Wheee finally something's making sense - WEEKEND'S JUST AROUND THE CORNER, AWESOMEZXC! Watched Confessions for the second time earlier on, got rather emotional, sigh.. BUT THE MOVIE'S FREAKING AWESOME WOOHOO. Meeting Love (Pearlie!) tomorrow for lunch, haha it's been quite some time since I last saw her ;D

Discovered two new interesting music videos today of 5dolls' - even though I have absolutely zero idea who they are, but I like the music video, there's a part 1 and a part 2 some more! Jay Park was totally cute and handsome in the videos, but I felt that he was messing with the two girls too much, yikes what a flirt. Oh but I still like the vids hehe..

Psssst... hope the cute guy cheer up soon! Ya know, I can always feel that you're feeling down or moody through the messages you send, and they make me emo too :( Grouchy guys will get older very soon, so you gotta smile!<3

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