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Friday, February 18, 2011 7:49 AM
The feeling of uncertainty

Today's pretty awesome, even though I have to go to school by myself... I actually paid attention and didn't fall asleep during lectures today - zomg I'm feeling so proud of myself! All because I slept one hour earlier than usual (2am, normally I sleep at 3am, oops) hehe. Don't really have much to blog about, which is why I'm posting photos mostly these days.

Sleeping beauties!!:P

This is what happens under the benches in canteen everyday, hahaha x)
(Weiyan, Weiyan, Eeron, me, Qianying and me LOL)


Cool huh ;)

Went to find Pearlie after school! Stupid security guards just won't let me enter the school, hmphhhh, so we went to the Mac near Fuhua :) Sat there and talked even though Pearlie was supposed to do her Maths homework, we both just weren't in the mood for mugging, hehhh I feel like a bad influence and I was rather talkative :P Thanks Love for the awesome chocolate and noob card!;)

Oh and something freaky happened to me yesterday! I was sitting and waiting for the train to come at the MRT platform, and suddenly an old grandpa sat down beside me. Okay this sounds okay but the next thing I know, he was saying hello to me, asking me to shake his hand and wanting to know my name. What's more, his face was only a few inches away from mine, all smiling and grinning - which is why I totally freaked out. Luckily the train came a few seconds after I keep saying "no" to him so I kinda escaped, phew.