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Tuesday, February 8, 2011 4:56 AM
There's no way out


Today's the last day with OG5!D: Got to know my subject combination today, I'm taking H2 Mathematics, Econs and Geography, plus H1 Physics - class 11A02! WOOHOO CLASS 11A02 HUAT ARH! Okay that sounds weird because I don't know anybody in the class yet, just cheering for my class beforehand, in case I hate it in the near future :x
Finally bought the school uniform today too, has been looking forward to it but now.. Argh it sucks I should have gotten two size smaller for my blouse because I look damn awkward in it and the skirt is plain long, gosh I really abhor school rules against short skirts. How wonderful of Ethel to bring Monopoly Deal today *self-high*, played with her, Kele, Isaac, Dionne and Alson a.k.a Auntie Lucy :D Scheming people caused me to keep losing, tsk! ROAR, never even get to use my deal breaker hmph ;__; Took train home with Ethel after that~ I was so sleepy on the bus ride home that I fell asleep and missed the bus stop where I should be alighting at zomg, ended up walking home like some idiot :(
It'll be like the first day of school all over again tomorrow! I'm sick of all the crappy arrangements, I hate having to start over and over and over again, having to make new friends once more.. I'm worried :( Hope there'll be nice people in nice class huh!

I hate how my mood changes just because of you, every single time.