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Saturday, March 12, 2011 3:45 AM
If you open your window and listen

I'm feeling lethargic.
Woke at 6am early in the morning today just to rush to school for choir. IT'S A SATURDAY AND IT'S HOLIDAY! Had practice for a few hours before going to Victoria JC for choir exchange, the bus trip seriously sucked because almost everyone around me had their earpiece plugged in and was blasting music in their ears while I just sit on the bus feeling miserable and trying to sleep - WHAT IS LIFE WITHOUT MUSIC?! I was jealous of AJC choir who got to wear their home clothes to VJ for the exchange, and it seems like they have more cute guys in their choir! Pffft. Maybe I should have put AJ in my first choice last time.. but oh well :X

Meanwhile in Japan, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake strikes - now that's a really big earthquake D: Seriously worried for them after reading so much terrible news and seeing countless photos, this is terrible, hope they'll get back on their feet soon. I've never experience or gone through any earthquake before,but I got scared just by thinking about it:( A tsunami's gonna hit many countries too... let's pray that they'll all be fine!