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Thursday, March 31, 2011 8:25 AM
I forgive, but I don't do forgets

I'm seriously tired these days! Sorry for the lack of update for my blog and not replying tags, argh. At first I thought okay I'll just rest for a few days but I ended up neglecting my site completely... *fail* Life has been like a roller coaster ride for me recently. There's simply too much things going on and many stuff has happened since I last blogged that I have no idea where and what to start with, hmmm. I shall blog on the weekend huh:)
Friday tomorrow, last day of MSA for me - April Fool's too! HOW COOL IS THAT. IT'S GONNA BE ALL FUN FUN FUN *sings Friday* LMAO. Hope that tomorrow will go well for me! Oh wait, I'm always hoping that everything goes well.. who doesn't?

青の祓魔師 (blue exorcist)'s trailer with UVERworld's new single Core Pride! OH MY GAH I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS THE SONG SOUNDS AWESOME TOO! Somehow the trailer reminds me of D.Grayman, haha. I'm having high expectations!

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