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Saturday, April 2, 2011 8:55 PM
Will you please carry me away

Okay I'm finally here to update my blog *coughs* What a beautiful Sunday isn't it! Okay LMAO please ignore that, typing that because I have no idea what to say in the first paragraph.I suck at introductions, tsk.Anyway. Here's some photos to fill up those days when I wasn't updating my blog:)
4E1'10 class outing at Marina Barrage during March holiday!:D

Isn't this a beautiful shot? :)

4e1! ^^

Outing to KBox with the girls during March holiday too!:)

Outing with primary school friends (HuiTing, Jinyi, Ruiqi & Qiaoru) to JP, after not going out for four freaking years zomfg! x_x

Kamin's birthday surprise on 28th March!♥

And I shall say a belated "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Kamin on my blog, love ya!

LOL playing with YiFang's iPhone apps :)

11A02 on the day of Franzi's birthday! XDD
Angela had done an awesome job jumping out of a box with a cake to surprise Franzi :D

Happy birthday to Franzi!

Me and Pearlie on Friday! (Went back sec sch to get my o'level cert!^^)

Must take photos outside hall! :D

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