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Tuesday, April 5, 2011 7:00 AM
Aren't memories supposed to fade?

"I'm just a little too not over you."

School's pretty normal today, had a 2.5 hour break and spent it in the library flipping through my econs notes and sleeping (more of the latter, of course *cough*) Don't get jealous of me and my ridiculously long break first, because what I had after that was 3 lectures straight without a single break in between.. BORING! Luckily I survived *winning pose*
Stayed back after school with Yifan, wanted to watch the soccer match but thanks to a sudden downpour the match was cancelled - what a pity - I was upset because I was sooo looking forward to it! ARGH. Instead, I joined Yifan and her class, but okay, not exactly "joined" because I kinda emo at one corner doing my own work [insert crying lonely face here] while she kept talking with her class :'( Yea as you can see, I'm not the very sociable kind. WAIT. I'm actually sociable (I believe!), just that I'm shy, ya know :) The weather got tons cooler thanks to the rain though!

It's Sports Day tomorrow, which means, EARLY RELEASE!!♥ (and free Milo, of course - OMG I SOUND LIKE A TOTAL CHEAPSKATE AHAHAHAHA) The sad thing? We have to report to school 10 minutes earlier than usual. *yawn* :(

What you had said was really hurtful, why do you have to use that to get back at me? Watch out, you're crossing the line... I don't want to ruin our friendship okay?