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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 6:57 AM
I just can't figure it out

I slept at 5.15am this morning, thanks to some crazy subject called "Project Work". It's seriously retarded, I was totally frustrated, had a tough time tackling my case study and finally early in the morning I finished my PI! It'll most probably get rejected though but at least I handed it in on time *proud face* Heard that my school's the very school that proposed to the MOE to make Project Work an official subject for A'level? OMG I suspect that my school's trying to kill every jc students out there.. :'(

You suck.

The mess on my table in front of the computer, all pw handouts -o-

Sports Day today for SAJC!:D Somehow many of us were just sleeping and tired, sitting at the gallery steps in front of the tracks watching the runners running. It's kinda sad because the House Council peeps were trying to lead us in a cheer but most of us were just.. zzz. I felt like running - seriously - but I can't :'( Took photos too, hoho. There's differences in the quality of some photos because my front camera sucks while the main camera for my phone is like 5 mega pixels, LMAO. As you can see, I look tired in ALL photos... :X

Franzi and Sarah!

Sarah and I!


Me and Jeremy!

Failshot #1 with Weiyan

Failshot #2 with Weiyan LOL

Failshot #3 - sorry! ;__; - it's either I cut off her head or I chop mine off LOL

Spot the school mascot!

Free milo at Milo van! Drank 3 cups only OMG I LOVE MILO.

TSKKKK. Low recycling rates in Singapore... *shakes head in disappointment*



Should I quit choir.