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Monday, April 4, 2011 8:46 AM
Someday we'll know

LMAO no matter where I am I'm always feeling tired.
School's not bad today actually. Ran three rounds around the track during PE and played floorball (something like hockey, for those of you who don't know what it is) Didn't really play floorball before, only remember toying around with hockey stick and floorball stick during Primary School and Secondary School. Well I can say that I had fun playing floorball with my class!:) Okay, a bunch of people running around with a stick chasing a small hollow plastic ball characterized by 26 equidistant holes (if you're wondering, then yes, I took that from wiki, LOL) just to hit it into the goal may seem stupid, but it's pretty fun if you're involved :D Damn tiring though - I have to run here and there to block that stupid plastic ball and laugh when people swipe the ball too hard, causing it to fly off. Hehh.
Not much for school today other than PE, have a new Econs teacher, hope she's better than the previous one! Civics with Mr Kovacs was tiring though because I didn't understand what he's talking about most of the time due to his heavy accent, but others seem to be fine with it.. so I guess it's just my own problem? :(
Effing, scorching hot weather today. If you Singaporeans didn't notice that irritating weather then there must be something wrong with you huh! It's always extra cold in the early morning and I'm always shivering on trains during the ride to school (poor me, ikr!) However, the weather quickly changed into a sexy one (WAH DAMN HOT WOR) after that and most of us were perspiring like mad. Okay wait. I don't think you guys sweat as much as I do. Seriously, I hate hate HATE sweating, it makes me feel disgusting as though I'm some pig. Someone tell me that sweating easily = high metabolism rate = lose weight faster than other people.. pretty please, even though the physical appearance of  "please" makes no difference. ARGH CAN I NOT SWEAT SO EASILY AND HAVE SUPER HIGH METABOLISM RATE TYVM!!

Homework is killing me. Can't believe I had wasted a perfectly good weekend rotting at home in front of the computer just because nobody ask me out. Ah.. me and my sad life :)
Wordy post, sorry peeps please bear with my boring life! T-T