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Tuesday, April 19, 2011 8:58 AM
Nyaning non-stop

What I was basically doing other than my PI draft 2... LOL no life.

Slept at like 4am this morning and had to wake up for school at 5.30am. I dreamt that I had a dream, totally inception, cool huh? First time it happens to me, is it something good or bad anyway? :\
My dream, as always, was totally messed up - apparently L from Deathnote is my boyfriend (HAHAHAHAHAHA) and he isn't hunching anymore, wearing those kind of leathery knight suit instead and he was staring at me intensely (I swear he isn't even my ideal boyfriend omg how on earth did he popped into my dreams I have no idea!) I have lots of good friends (who I'm not even close to in real-life, so it's awkward to say their names here, so.. yea - LOL actually I can only remember one person, but never mind) and an awesome boyfriend and awesome life so blah blah blah but somehow I had suicidal thoughts and keep thinking about killing myself. So eventually I was sort of dead (or not?) - but the world just turned upside down for me and everything went from bright to evil dark and my "good friends" were scheming against me, everybody hates me and even my boyfriend does. A lot happened, but I can't remember much anymore but I think L was like chasing after to kill me or something.. and then I woke up. I realize that everything's just a dream and that my boyfriend L with all my good friends are nice again so I was freaking relief and broke out in cold sweat. Then L was staring at me again and BAM, I woke up in reality.
Cool dream huh, but pretty random I know.. It's totally weird, maybe I was too stressed out, yikes.


LOL I actually spent a few minutes doing this image up just for criticizing PI -.-