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Wednesday, April 20, 2011 8:22 AM
So sleep-deprived

Almost puke while I made this.. staring at this mess for too long gives me a terrible headache, LOL.

It's another normal day but somehow I'm in a better mood than usual :) So sleep-deprived that I almost collapse on bus this morning but I kept telling myself that I have to hold it in... thanks to the stupid PI I slept at 4am again, tsk.
Didn't eat much these days, I feel so sad that I've lost the huge appetite I once had. It's like, I still feel hungry, but due to some unknown reason, I feel like puking just looking at food, the sight of them just makes me feel, argh I don't know, sick? Despite this, my stomach is still growling away.. OMG why am I so hard to satisfy?! I feel like I'm battling with myself - to eat and risk having to feel sick or not eat but feel so hungry that I can almost chew on paper? Can anyone tell me what's happen to me? D:
School sucks as usual, 'nuff say. Good Friday this Friday though - no school! :D

f(x)'s Lollipop ft. Shinee! Funky song ;D